Friday, 11 November 2011

Will They Brighten Your Day!

Some flowers from my garden, some have finished blooming.  I hope the blooms brighten your day.  I took these photos over a period of 1 month.
Plus the dishwasher decided to leak, so gone only a day with new sealers all is going well.

 Freesia Floribunda Rose.

Waratah.  Shady Lady.

 White Iris

 Purple Iris

 Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris.

Blue Iris. 

Still blooming is the Spanish Lavender, also known by other names.
I managed to get a close up of the bee!


  1. Beautiful flowers and fabulous photos. Any chance you can send me the settings you used. I have to give a talk on photographing flowers on Monday at our U3A camera club.

  2. hi there. what lovely photos. blue iris is one of my faves. and the bee on the lavender is gorgeous. thank you for brightening my day :)

  3. Oh M these are beautiful You have such an eye for flowers they are exquisite. Yes it works. Take care my friend. G

  4. Jo-Anne,
    Thank you.

    Thank you also.

    I am pleased my flowers brightened your day.

    Thank you, and I am pleased they did it for you too.


  5. Lovely flowers, the Waratah looks different to the ones we get in NSW, is that one a hibrid?
    Good photo of the bee

  6. Doug,
    Yes, that Waratah is a hybrid.
    Thanks re bee, I had been trying for awhile to get a reasonably sharp bee.


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