Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sometimes The Colour Doesn't Work!

The Pink Iceberg Rose is what I call a delicate colour.  I recall when this rose was first sold and it was unbelievable that it had pink in it, it was bred to have that colour.  However many people believed it wasn't pink after being planted for 1 year.  Each year I take a photo of it and it's always got pink in it.  Iceberg Roses are known for blooming and blooming.


  1. they are gorgeous. certainly pink. :) very delicate and look very healthy. you must look after them very well.

  2. These are beautiful M. I like the nice pink colour. Take care my friend. G

  3. Clint,
    You are welcome.

    Yes, they are pink, well at least mine are.

    Thank you.
    The roses my husband takes care of, he just prunes them in winter, sprays them in spring, but of course they are always lovely at their first blooming.

  4. Buttons,
    Thanks :) They do look lovely in the garden.

  5. A very delicate colour indeed and beautiful specimens. How lucky to have then in the garden. They cost a fortune at the florist.

  6. Diane,
    If I lived where you are I would miss my roses. I do some roses are bred for warmer climates.
    Roses cost a lot to purchase down here too...for those roses a bred to hold their blooms longer.


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