Sunday, 27 November 2011

How's your Washing Hanging?

Towels not paired.

Have you ever thought about washing on a clothes line.
Are socks in pairs of the same kind!
Are underpants  of the male persons all together!
Are the women/children of the house's knickers all neatly put in place!
Are handkerchiefs if used all pegged together!
Are your white's snow white!

All of these things I was taught to be placed towards the inside of the clothes line.

Are all the towels put in pairs!

So you get my drift...thicker clothes on the outside of the clothes line and smaller items towards the middle.
I was also taught to hang the wet clothes in a tidy manner, plus your washing reflects upon your cleanliness and tidiness of inside your house and yourself. Being taught this when I went to school years ago I still try and carry out what I was taught regardless how strapped for time I am, and I am appalled at some women's plus men's clothes lines. 
I wonder what their houses look like inside.

A house inside I was taught should be clean and tidy but looked lived in.

How many women know how to iron a table cloth correctly these days!  Though not used often many of these items these days are geared towards easiness which is good :)
We don't iron much at all, if at all only when necessarily.

Thinking back I remember taking great pride in ironing, which included sheets, towels, table clothes, shirts with the seam at the back ironed, the serviettes white ones crisp and spotless.  Even to this day my 87 year old father has white crisp serviettes, of course I am refereeing to cloth ones.  Who does this for him, ME :)  At my home I use paper ones.


  1. It is funny you should be thinking about washing on the line. I was only looking at the sheets blowing in the wind yesterday and thought it would make a good photo but I didn't bother.
    I don't remember being taught all that stuff. I just copied my mum and then made shortcuts as time marched on into the modern world.
    I dry undies and towels in the dryer. As there is only two of us everything goes on the outside. I wash sheets on a different day.

  2. Great mind think alike so it's
    Oh I was taught heaps of stuff about all kinds of things as well as school things.

  3. Oh M I have a soft spot for your ironing if you had not been up ironing in the middle of the night I would never have met you.I am so happy about that. I do not iron I make it worse. Good post M. G

  4. I don't own an iron, but I do tend to put the smaller items on the inside of the cloths line.
    Mum always has ironed table cloths on the table.

  5. I didn't realize anyone still uses clothes lines anymore these days.
    Years ago even though we had a clothes dryer I had DH set up a clothes line in the back yard for me to hang the washing on pretty days. I love the fresh smell.
    I remember Monday was always the special day to wash. Tuesday to iron. I would spend a good part of that day just ironing. I even ironed DH's undershirts.
    I must have been nuts! LOL

  6. Doug,
    I can understand you not needing an iron :) so many clothes today are not ironed.

  7. gloW,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Down this end of the world in the State I live in I would stick my neck out and say all people have clothes lines, and most also have a clothes drier.
    Lol about your washing and ironing days...I remember my grandmother doing that :)

  8. Greetings From Southern California

    When I was a child all I ever did was mess up everything and my mother cooked, cleaned and ironed. God bless mothers and wives :-)

    Thanks for your recent visit to My Blog

    Have a Nice Day :-)


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