Monday 5 December 2011

From A Far

I have two lovely internet friends from Canada, such beautiful people with wonderful 'hearts'.  
I met both Ladies about the same time and have been corresponding with both of them via email.  They are 'B' and 'G'.

Now 'B' was looking for garden information all those years ago and came across 'our business homepage' as it was called in those days, wishing to know information 'B' sent an email & that started our long relationship.

When 'B's' mother passed on a few years later all that 'B' wanted to do was travel to Australia to be with me :) her husband being a commercial Pilot at that time was thinking of flying in a small plane to Australia but decided against it without a co-Pilot, just too many hours and many days.  So 'B' and I emailed just about everyday, I was her therapy & I suspect that my medical degrees came into being at that time.

'B' from the 2nd Christmas of our meeting sent me a small Christmas Cake wrapped in a cloth soaked in Rum, wrapped in cellophane and pipe cleaners to tie, then put in a box and posted.  This happened every year & I must say I never expected a cake each year.
Last year 'B' wrote that, that was the last year a Christmas Cake would be sent to me due to the cost of the postage plus I totally agreed.

Today, I just happened to be home for about 15 minutes around lunch time and the postman came in his van with a parcel.  There were tears of joy from me, for it was as always a surprise but this year more of one - it was my Christmas Cake from Canada with a Christmas Card saying:  "I just could NOT send you one this year"...:)

God Bless You, my friend from afar, & Thank You.


  1. What great friends you are. That was a touching story. A lovely Christmas story.

  2. Oh M I remember your fruit cake from Canada stories I was just as excited as you were when you received them in the mail. Your friend B is truly a wonderful person.
    I know for a fact she has a real friend in you. I love the friendships and bonds that come from the internet. I know this also to be a big part of my life. Take care my very good friend. G

  3. Diane,
    We are indeed great friends.
    And thank you :)

    Ah!!! You my dear friend, yes you know :)
    Take care my friend..M xoxox

  4. It is amazing how we can make friends on the internet, I have lots of people I consider to be friends that I have never met.


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