Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Two Sweeties!

My two grandchildren live far away so it's wonderful when their mum sends me a photo of them. There are 2 more grandchildren due next year.

Their ages 5 and 3.


  1. they are lovely looking little girls. so sad that they live far away. hope you get to see them soon. it's a lovely photos. nice that you are expecting two more next year. wonderful

  2. yevisha,
    yes it's a pity they live up north way past Diane....lol
    I am actually going up there on my own mid January to await the new arrival and give a helping hand. My husband is staying home to look after my father for me :)
    Then my other daughter in law lives near so I won't have far to go when her and eldest sons child is born :)

  3. Oh my dear M they are beautiful I can see a little bit of Grandma in them. Enjoy the holidays my friend. I will be thinking of you. G

  4. Such sweeties - little mini-me's, especially the darling in blue :)

  5. They are so pretty and they look very much like you.

  6. Hello Jane,
    Thanks...the one in blue looks like you? :)

    Hello Diane,
    Thanks Diane, there is a likeness I agree :)

  7. Hi, No she looks just like you - ie: your own 'mini-me' !!
    It's a saying over here, perhaps not one you've heard. My girlfriend also has a granddaughter that is her spitting image.

  8. Oh, thanks for explaining Jane :)
    Understand you...and yes that mini photo of me was taken earlier this year 2011..
    Merry Christmas.