Sunday, 18 December 2011

In The City

Several times of late I have been in our small city, if the lights are with you can be there in 10 minutes, then to find a parking place well!!  A certain unnamed person is so tinny that he always finds one very close to the city if not right in it!  If I was driving no such luck for I am not a defeatist it's just the way it works mostly.

Today we had lunch in the city at a Pub, I had Smoked Salmon salad with chips.  Yes, I am going to cook dinner tonight after I finish this post.  We are hungry now :) at 7.15pm

All the visits to the city I ask where are all the people, this year there are not many yet.
I took 2 photos with my phone whilst there during the week and of course they are below.

 The Mall without a lot of people during the week.

This tree is the only decoration that I have seen in the Mall.


  1. I love smoked salmon, I am surprised it is not busy there it is crazy here in our little towns. I love the look of your little town. Take care my friend. and Merry Christmas. G

  2. Thanks for visiting :)
    It's a cute place the city..Merry Christmas to you too...M xoxox

  3. smoked salmon. yum. it's crazy here in the shops atm. apparently you have to say a prayer to our lady of the parking spot to get a good park. it always worked for my friend. not so much for me.

  4. At least it isn't growded and that tree looks cool would look better if it was all lit up at night, the church at the end of my street has a large tree that is all lit up during the Christmas season.

  5. You are lucky that there are not too many people about. Parking is a nightmare here at Christmas.

  6. I've found it quieter this year as well, maybe people did their shopping early... definitely not complaining though!

  7. yevisha,
    Smoked Salmon was lovely.
    lol about your parking, your friend must have great 'faith' :)

    I don't know if the tree has lights at night or not.
    The one at the end of your street would look nice.

    I can only imagine it would be bedlam where you are. We have an Aunt that lives up your way so she tells us.

    So where you live quiet too.
    Lots of people shop online so I hear.
    Our retailers are not happy with their 'takings' thus far this Christmas.


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