Thursday, 5 January 2012

Great Days Ahead!

Great days behind me, great days ahead of me!

Have had my dad staying with us before Christmas and after, then we wandered down/up the road about 1 hours drive to stay with my dad and have been home a day or two, who's counting!
Living with a legally blind man is very interesting even though he can see shadows out the corner of one of his eyes. He can't tell a male from a female until they speak.
Can't always have the TV on some days or evenings, this causes his eyes to draw out of their sockets, so he says.  
Lights have to be dimmed or not on at all.
Everything has to be put in the same place each time.
Each drink has to be poured especially in our house, dad can't see when the cup/glass is full.
Walking on his own has gone by the wayside when out and about, so it's hanging onto my arm in the special way that blind people do along with his white cane.

The past 3 years for me have been wonderful, living with my father in another city, living at home with my husband - juggling the two homes I have without a fuss.  Says something for my husband.  Once in a while he travels and stays with me at my dads house which is a large two storey house with a wonderful view of Bass Strait.  
We sit at the dinning room table and watch the Spirit of Tasmania sail past each evening sometimes we see it twice a day in the busy season. The sea can be seen from nearly every room in the house.

My husband and I are becoming grandparents again, twice this year and I am off to Queensland soon to be there before the birth, being our youngest sons and his partner's 3rd child, and it's to be a 'boy' as they have two girls.
This year they intend to get married in winter so another trip to Queensland.
My husband is going to take care of my father whilst I am gone for the birth.

When I return there is a birthday - I will be home before that, dad will be 88 years of age, and he's as sharp as a tack and uses his treadmill most days, his iPod earplugs listening to music as he treads :) 


  1. hi whiteangel. i just commented and lost it coz i wasn't logged in. your dad sounds like a very independent man indeed. i love the visual image of him on the treadmill. well done. sitting and watching the spirit of tassy pass by sounds nice and relaxing and how exciting for you to welcome a new g/child this year. you certainly sound like you have a busy year ahead which is probably how it should be. better than sitting around waiting for things to happen isn't it?

  2. Doesn't that make you mad when you write a comment and lose it!
    Thanks for redoing it :)

    Oh yes, dad is a circus at

    I am happy to be have something to look forward to and as you say it's better than sitting around etc. :)

  3. I am glad you are happy with your double life. Your husband must be bonzer. You are lucky to be able to travel to QLD for the birth. I have to go all the way to LA. I'm not happy abut the distance or the cost but It will be nice to be with my daughter at this time. A wedding too and like ours they had the kids first. I am glad that people have changed their attitude these days and accept this trend.

  4. Hello M Happy New Year. It sounds like 2011 has been very fulfilling for you. I am thinking the way things are going you are going to be very happy and busy for 2012. That is fantastic.
    Happy Birthday to you Dad 88 is a wonderful age to be so fit on a treadmill.
    I am so happy you are happy. Have a great trip Grandma. G

  5. Isn't modern technology wonderful? 88 years old and on the treadmill, with his i-pod on! This is what gives me hope for the future :)

    Loved hearing about your life and it's very special that you are able to assist your father in this way. A view of the sea from every window sounds divine.

    Congrats on the upcoming new addition to your family :)

  6. You have sure had a busy year. It sounds like lots of excitement with a new baby on the way.
    How blessed you are. Your Dad sounds remarkable, 88 years old and uses a Treadmill.

    I wanted to share with you an award that was given to me by Rhonda. I was instructed to give it to seven others, and you are one of them that I wanted to express my appreciation.
    Head out to my blog and receive your award:

  7. You have a nice blog. Thank you for adding my blog to your blogrol. I will do the same. Hope to be seeing you often on my site and keep on blogging.



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