Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Eating Out!

It's good to eat a meal out at a Restaurant, to have something different however there are Restaurant and Restaurants. Many of them have what I cook at home, so hence I prefer something different which is often a little hard to find at times.

Often I am asked to go out for breakfast - not a good idea, no Restaurant has Marmite & Toast.  I have been eating Marmite & Toast ever since I can remember for breakfast.
I once ventured out for breakfast and oh my goodness, the Toast was soggy, just brown on either side certainly not to my taste...the Tea was like dishwater, not that I have actually drunk that.

Lunch out, well not one for a light meal at lunchtime, I prefer something very light and healthy, not many Restaurants cater for me, no, I am not fussy I eat most things.  I could no more eat Sausages or such for they are not a favourite food of mine.

Dinner in the evening well that is another story when eating out....Entree, Main and not often sweets.

As for a Cup of Tea, they are hard to find. People who drink Coffee have it made, so I believe but Tea drinkers like me, mostly have to go without because I haven't come across any Restaurant with a person in the kitchen who can make a good cuppa!

When travelling, that is another story!


  1. i agree Margaret, it's so hard to get a really nice meal when eating out. i never order what i can make easily at home. as for a good cuppa my mum used to say the same. it's very hard to get a decent cuppa at a restaurant. i like my coffee but believe me there is a lot of bad coffee out there too. sometimes my son takes me out for brekky and nine times out of ten i can always do better at home but it's nice to eat somewhere different for a change. funny isn't it that we both blogged obout food isn't it? :)

  2. I must be easily pleased. I enjoy going out to eat. I have had some fabulous meals but also some awful ones too. The worst breakfast experience I had was at the Stamford Hotel. The food was great but someone a few tables away threw up all over the table. That put me off going out for breakfast for a long time.

  3. yevisha,
    It is nice to eat out for a change, we often do it for dinner...and rather weird that we both did our posts about food :)

    Oh Yuk! that would certainly turn you off breakfast...that happened to us once at dinner time, but it didn't put me off.

  4. Never thought I'd say it but I'm tired of eating out. I"d much rather have a meal at home....even if is peanut butter and jelly with soup!

  5. Hello M I love eating out but never know what to order either because I think I must like my own cooking. I do enjoy the company of My Hero and not doing the dishes though. Take care. G

  6. Hello Sandra,
    Thanks for leaving a comment :)
    We used to go out every week for dinner and we did get tired of that too..but still enjoy an occasional evening out.
    Meals at home are always nice :)

    Hello Buttons,
    Sometimes it's a little hard in choosing what to order because everything often looks inviting.
    You know I never wash the dishes, the dishwasher does that and my husband :)Guess I am lucky..xox

  7. It's a challenge to get a good healthy meal in a restaurant - for one thing, there's usually there's too much salt. While I enjoy visiting with friends and family and the convenience, I ultimately prefer to make my own at home :)

  8. I enjoy the thought of going out, but then I generally find fault with everything once I get there.

    Also, what is marmite?

  9. I have not tried Marmite in years I am a Vegimite nan use to have Marmite though.......

    I am someone who likes to go out for lunch more then dinner mostly because I do not eat a big meal and often the cost of a dinner meal seems to high for me as I will not always eat everything and do not like to feel like I am wasting money......

    I have not gone our for breakfast in years unless I guess you count meeting the family on a Friday morning at the local shopping centre food court on a Friday morning for

  10. Hello Jane,
    I too don't care for salt, I prefer to use it when necessary..and some chef's/cooks use it and it's yuk!
    We need a certain amount of salt in our diets - long story :)

    Hello The Queen Bee,
    Are you a Virgo?
    Marmite - you know of Vegemite?
    Marmite is same colour but tastes a little different, one is more bitter than the other, and is spread usually very thin on toast and or's an Australian thing.

    Hello Jo-Anne,
    Dinner at night is always more expensive due to wages I expect.
    As long as you enjoy your meal that is the main thing.
    Well that is eating out for breakfast then :)

  11. Scorpio, here. Is marmite salty or sweet? Does it come in a jar?

  12. I like sausage for breakfast. Sausage patties, that is. I put 'em between two slabs of toast and eat 'em in sandwich form. Take a bite of scrambled eggs, chew, take a bite of toast and sausage, chew, sip some coffee, repeat. Ahhhhhh.......