Friday, 27 January 2012

Shield Huntsman Spider!

Came across this Shield Huntsman Spider this morning on the fly wire screen door.
Killed it with fly spray. R.I.P
Looked on the net & a photo with a description was the same as my photo.

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  1. eeeeeeewww I don't like them at all. I wish I knew how you get clear pics with blogpress.

  2. that's nasty. glad he wasn't at my place :)

  3. Diane,
    Pleased you said that photo was clear. I took it with my iPhone, made the picture smaller, put the settings on Blogpress for photos as original size first...then uploaded it. It's the first time I have done this for a long time and there has been a few updates for Blogpress, and it appears the photo side of it is clearer.
    I am now using iPad, left my laptop at home.

    Nasty looking spider...

    Yes nasty and I hope I don't cme across anymore either...

  4. Oh my... how horrifying! I hate spiders to begin with - this one looks like it's straight out of a horror movie!! Great shot, btw :)

  5. You killed it with spray? Is it poisoness?


  6. Thanks Margaret, I can't decide to take my laptop or just the ipad to USA in April. I would prefer the ipad if I can blog properly with it. I'll give it another try before we go.

  7. Hello Jane,
    Wasn't good! And thanks re shot.

    Hello Filip,
    Yes killed it with fly spray. That particular spider will give a nasty bite. Some people are allergic to spider bites...

    Hello Diane,
    You are welcome.
    I am using my iPad and my iPhone. Left my laptop at home.