Saturday, 14 January 2012


Marmite is an Australian 'thing' along with England and New Zealand and a few other countries.
A link to Wikipedia where more can be read about it.
Marmite is a bitter taste and only a scraping is suffecient for me on my toast in the morning time.  Marmite is also nice on fresh bread.  You either like Marmite or you don't!

Part of the ingredients

The contents.


  1. How interesting! I've heard of this before, but only in passing. It has a very rich colour to it. Do you keep it refrigerated after opening a jar?

  2. hi whiteangel. i prefer vegemite. i haven't had marmite for ages and can't remember what it tastes like. vegemite is supposed to be saltier isn't it? my friend in bali tasted it and you should have seen her face. priceless. we usually take a jar to bali with us. it's such an aussie thing. :) and you are correct, a little bit goes a long way. :)

  3. Hello Jane,
    Where I live I keep it in the cool pantry, in hotter climate it would be kept in the fridge as most things are in Australia.

    Sure is an Aussie thing as is Vegemite.
    I don't know if Vegemite contains more salt, haven't got a jar of it to compare.
    Breakfast isn't the same without it, so good on you for taking it to's wonder it's permitted :)

  4. From the looks of the label it seems to be very nutritious. I wonder if we have anything like that here in the states. If so, I've never seen or heard of it.

  5. This is the one spread my Aussie taste buds didn`t like....Vegemite or promite no probs and thick ..It has to have bite to it...:)

  6. Hello Jenn June,
    If you lived in Australia I am sure you would have heard of Marmite and Vegemite.

    Hello Mandy,
    Oh I couldn't eat Vegemite or Promite thick, could tackle it in small doses - I prefer Marmite :)

  7. I like Vegemite better. I loved it when I was young and the baker left a warm loaf on the doorstep and mum would cut a thick slice and scrape butter and Vegemite all over it . The butter would start to melt and it was yummy, I couldn't eat it now. I don't eat butter or margarine anymore.

    1. Time has passed and I am into Vegemite. Will buy Marmite when it appears on the shelf, then decide what I will have. Wonder what you have then on your bread?