Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Marmite...Why We Can't Buy It.

Amazing! After doing a post about Marmite & how much I like it, I CAN'T BUY IT!
I contacted the Manufacture via email and received a reply which is as quoted:

'Unfortunately our factory was damaged badly in the NZ earthquakes and we are currently not able to produce Marmite.  At this time we do not know when production will start again.  It will be a long time until it is back on shelf'.

This morning I tried Vegemite, but only a very light spreading.


  1. I hoe you don't get withdrawal symptoms. Check yor title...BUT instead of BUY.

  2. that's terrible news. so what did you think about vegemite? :)

  3. Hello Diane,
    Thanks re Title...:) must of had a bad moment.
    I have resigned myself that I have to eat Vegemite. That done all is well. Such a prompt reply from NZ with the Marmite.

    Not good news for the company who makes Marmite, that's for sure.
    Due to the very light spreading of Vegemite I couldn't taste it, tomorrow I will put a little more...I will get used to it:) I have had Vegemite before.

  4. How ironic and frustrating. I wonder if you could source some out on Amazon and have it shipped to you?

  5. Hello Jane,
    Thanks for your input, I will look.

  6. A world without Marmite? Say it ain't so!

  7. Hello Clint,
    Yes, it's a world down this end of the world with out it :)

  8. i keep meaning to check at the supermarket to see if they have it. i can always send you a jar if you'd like. i'll try to remember next time i'm there :)

  9. Thank's whiteangel,I and a few friends have been trying to get marmite for my mother for age's now with no success,now I know why,the NZ earthquake was such a sad time and I hope they will all be back to normal soon,oh and i hope you've had luck with eating the Vegimite as my mum wont go any were near that or Promite lol cheers