Monday 26 January 2015

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm.

Today is Australia Day, a public holiday.  So we do all things Australian.
Australia Day marks the Anniversary of the Fleet of British Ships arrival in the State of New South Wales (NSW) in 1788.

 Yes, that's me in the flag. I did that.

Had lunch at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm the other day with friends.  There is a small restaurant undercover, then the next part is joined on but has louver roof which was open, and windows and wood around, then of course outside under some trees were tables.  It's a popular place in the country just off the highway to Devonport, and many people call for breakfast after driving off the ship, The Spirit of Tasmania, the ferry from Devonport to Melbourne.

We all had Chicken and Prawns, then I had Ice cream Sundae with Raspberries.

After lunch we all went for a walk in the grounds by the pond.


  1. It's late because it's already yesterday here in the US, but Happy Australia Day anyway.!

  2. A place to keep in mind should we take the car on the Spirit. Your sunglasses look a bit Dame Edna like, with the star on one corner.

    1. Another place to eat on same road is ETC = Elizabeth Town Eatery. Dame Edna :)

  3. Margaret Happy Ausralian Day with your family Margaret (Gosia)

  4. Happy Australia Day - looks presently like a "stinker" here in Brisbane.
    Crowded beaches I suspect - in like sardines - ha ha.
    I think I might invite myself to my neighbour's pool!!!

    Didn't see you name on that annual list??
    Mine was missing also???
    We must put ourselves onto the selection panel and hurry
    things along, eh? I'm sure we don't want to be the oldest
    AC holders in Australia!


    1. Hope you survived the warm Australia Day up your way.
      Sorry to read you were not on the 'List', maybe next year! Didn't see my name either. I know how most of it goes as my late dad had an OAM :) I have his medals.

  5. Hope you are having a great Aussie Day, mine kicked off with me over sleeping and having mum ring me to see where the hell I was but since then all has been good


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