Monday, 12 January 2015

The Sidling, near Scottsdale, Tasmania.

The Sidling near Scottsdale in the North Easter of Tasmania is a winding road, a highway of about 63km (39m). Not far from Scottsdale there is a parking area for a rest, or to view the view.
Dairy farming, poppy fields, potatoes and vegetables and mixed farming is the norm of this town.
These photos were taken the same day when we visited the Lavender Farm.

Zoomed in to take this photo of what is below the Rest Area. The view is similar to the North East and South East.

In this area the natives are in bloom.  We don't know what the flower is called.

For those who haven't seen our signs.  Bridport is a North Eastern seaside area, as is St. Helens to the East.


  1. I'd love to see that view in person. Awesome, Angel.

  2. You never hear much about the north east. Perhaps that's because it is just pleasant and not spectacular.

    1. That's true. Mostly farming area and no industries other than fishing, so not many people live in the north east..we in to travel in that area before winter.

  3. Very picturesque and peaceful looking.
    I really have missed something.
    Lesson to be learnt: "Never put something off when you can do it now, by thinking you can do it later".
    Damn! In my case " the later never came".

    1. Definitely peaceful, a good country area.
      You are right about that saying...we were told that years ago. So we went the furthest away in Australia first, we are thinking of doing the same again.

  4. Replies
    1. 'Tis nice Jo-Anne. Lots of tall trees and not many places to take photos of the view.

  5. Margaret, another interesting trip thans for sharing..

  6. Wow, those trees are so luxuriant in the last pic.

  7. Lovely peaceful scenery. I loved driving through that area.


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