Friday 10 February 2012

The Old Homepage!

This story is just nearly old enough to be 'Once Upon a Time'

Long ago when the internet came to my Island I started surfing the net, came across 'homepages' free information on how to make a homepage.  This got me thinking for at that time, my husband and I owned a Garden Centre/Nursery (my 2nd Profession).
We had a long talk and I decided that I would make a Gardening Homepage with lots of free information about plants along with photos, which I managed to do.
We sold plants to the other side of the world online which amazed me, because we are talking 1996 from memory. Even with Quarantine we still made a profit, and it was late at night that I did my emails and answered questions online, updating The Homepage every week, something I enjoyed.  This is also when I started to take my photography seriously.

All of this homepage was done by myself, I taught myself somehow, and it all came together.

When we sold the business I continued updating the homepage as information & photos only until my ISP stopped giving free 'space' for a homepage.

The Homepage was the first business online on this island of Tasmania, Australia to have one, and an article was written in the local newspaper about my husband and myself, plus our success online as well as our nursery and retail nursery/garden centre.

Stationery was a problem when getting it printed.  I insisted that we had our email address plus the homepage address on our business cards, invoices & statements...Printing firms did not have the - ~ - that was needed so a hyphen was used and this went on for a few years.

Remembering back then there was only a couple of Accounting/Statement software programs to begin with which were not to my liking, then along came M.Y.B.O which means, Mind Your Own Business.


  1. Hello M you are funny. You are a very smart woman to figure out all this stuff yourself. I know you have helped me a lot during our long friendship.
    Well my friend I was given a very special present for Christmas from someone that believes in my blog. He bought me my own Domain name (sssshhh it is a secret):)
    I have a lot to learn before I get it up and running and I know I have a true friend with the knowledge and the time to help me with my questions. I love that about you my dear friend.My friend who has always been there for me even though she is continents away.
    You are awesome. Love G

  2. Wow, you were a trail blazer. Bill has had his own domain and web page since he had his own business. But since he has retired he changed the content. But now we have decided to not continue paying for it so it will disappear soon and our email has changed too.
    How is the new baby doing. Did they name it after you for delivering it, like they do in the movies.

  3. Well, you are a trail blazer and that is a very good thing to be.

    I remember back in the mid 1990s I had a friend who was also in on the "ground floor" of the internet---selling shoes. I recall not quite understanding at that time how all that worked. I'm a little slow.

    My, how our world has changed...

  4. You and your husband were sort of pioneers! You obviously were a fan of technology and could see it's advantages - something a lot of people didn't at the time.

  5. Hello Button,
    Thank you...but you know me well :)
    Wonderful news, so happy for you :)
    I am looking forward to your new venture, and I am sure you will work it out.
    Good luck my friend of many years :) xoxoxox

    Hello Diane,
    I guess I was a trail blazer.
    New baby is doing well - thanks for asking :)
    Being a boy, no they didn't name it after me, but it's named after his father's second the last name now lives on :)

    Hello Clint,
    Thank you for your comment. You were not the only one not to understand how shoes or anything was sold online back in the 1990's.

    Hello Jane,
    I really like technology, and had a hunch back then...hunch paid off.


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