Monday, 27 October 2014


I quite like Subway, however I would rather the roll had butter spread on it because I find the roll always dry, no matter what town or city we are in.

When travelling we often call into a Subway if the town has one, and have Subway for lunch, but it becomes tiring after a while.  Sometimes we find a local bakery and buy sandwiches, or something else to eat and usually eat it in the bakery or outside in a dinning area.  We even take our lunch to a nice park that we may find, sit at the table and eat there. I have a husband who won't eat in the car :) A fussy Virgo!

This photo was taken from the car travelling down the road in Queensland at 110km...I was surprised it came out fairly clearly.


  1. I love subway too, there is in Katowice . And in my opinion food there is delicious and no so expensive..

  2. I am with you I would like a bit of butter on the roll also

  3. Probably the most healthy "fast food" option out there. I try to take Daisy there every once in awhile.

  4. While I like Subway, it can get monotonous. I am not keen on eating in the car either. You are right about the sign photo turning out well. I can't do that at 30 km/h.

  5. We have Subways here in Montreal, but I am not a sandwich person...I actually prefer a salad. Nice photo.

  6. I like subway too. it's usually fresh and fairly healthy. I like the vegie burger. I was surprised to learn that subway is the biggest takeaway company in the world. I thought it would be maccas. I can't comment on chrome again so have to go into ie. it's a pain but what can you do? :)

    1. Well I didn't know that about Subway. It's a healthy meal so we are told.
      Well that is a pain in the neck if you can't comment using Chrome. I have issue commenting on my iPad, that is also a pain, so then I have to use my phone or my other devices.

  7. We like Subway too! Sometimes we will pick up a sandwich and sit at a picnic table by the lake near our home.