Tuesday 29 May 2012

Beautiful Days!

Beautiful couple of sunny late Autumn days so yesterday I took our 4th Grandchild for a walk in the afternoon. 
The sweet little one is 6 weeks old :)  Her parents brought her to our house at 8am & came to pick her up at 6.30pm. I had to wake her to feed her each time during the day.
I don't often get the chance to babysit due to other commitments.


  1. Oh M that is the cutest little photo I ever did see. You certainly must enjoy those special times. HUG G

  2. That is one space age pram/buggy. What fun it is pushing a grandchild. She sounds a very good sleeper. Lucky parents.

  3. Hello B,
    Oh yes, treasuring these times :)
    Love M xoxox

    Hello Diane,
    Fun times with that pram - the 3 wheeler - and yes it's fun pushing the pram again :) She is a very good baby all up. My sons were also good.

  4. What a precious bundle :) Lots of work with a little one - I think I've forgotten just how much!

  5. Yes very precious indeed Jane. All comes back as what to do.

  6. Such a beautiful little doll babysitting is such a pleasure and they grow so fast......

  7. Jo-Anne,
    Thanks..they are indeed such a pleasure and before you know it have children of their own.

  8. what a lovely photo. you are so lucky to have special time with your new grand daughter. Diane is right, that is a very nifty pram.


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