Monday, 4 June 2012

Shih Tzu

Sasha the Shih Tzu (pronounced 'sheet-soo') was one of our family pets, he went everywhere with us except when we travelled on the ship to mainland Australia. Sasha went to heaven a few years ago :)

He used to go to work with us and I would put him in the office on my desk he never moved, he lay there as if he was a small rug no matter what. Always he went where I went, I even used to put him under my raincoat and with all that hair it was hard to hide his tail.

I brushed him every morning and washed his face, cleaned his eyes, bathed him, clipped his hair where necessary and he seemed to love all the attention.  Eventually as he got older I used to shave him and when we were away on our holidays travelling Australia each year our eldest son took care of him.


  1. What a sweet face! Oh, you must have been heartbroken to lose such a close friend. He sounds like he was the perfect travelling companion. Our pets sure become dear family members xx

  2. I have always wondered how they see with so much hair around thier I bet he got a lot of love and attention

  3. Hello Jane,
    We lost 2 dogs and my mum in one year :) Both pets were like family.

    Oh yes he did get a lot of love and attention by everyone.
    The Shih Tzu can see even if their hair isn't up in a pony tail. I never saw Sasha run into anything.

    Hello Diane,
    Thanks least I have some photos, just found them the other day..


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