Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Devonport, Tasmania. Australia

Devonport is a coastal Northern small city and it's where my father lives, it's also the city where I go and live in my father's house for 1 to 3 nights each week.  I have been doing this every week since 2008.
Sometimes my husband comes with me.  My parents and I were not born in this city, my father was transferred to Devonport many years ago after I was married.

I wanted to share some photos of what I see below my dads house which are views of Bass Strait.

 Bass Strait

 Coles Beach and view to the light house

Taking a stroll along the beach

Alone surfer in the distance


  1. hi there, that is a very enviable view indeed. i would love to live near the water. very nice. although i bet it's just a bit chilly down there at this time of year. :) hope you and your Dad are well. xx

  2. Beautiful views and photos. Its a shame your dad can't see this panorama any more. You are a wonderful carer.

  3. What an amazing spot to live by. Really lovely photos!

  4. Hello yevisha,
    It's lovely down there at the sea.
    We are all ok thanks :)

    Hello Madeleine,
    Thank you.

    Hello Diane,
    Thanks. It is a shame that dad can't see the view, but he remembers :)

    Hello Jane,
    Thanks. I enjoy living at dads each week for a few days :)


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