Monday, 25 June 2012

Broken Hill. NSW. Australia

Travelling to Broken Hill in the State of NSW,  Australia was wonderful with so many new things to see, such as wide open spaces, wild goats, camels and feral pigs wondering around a long our journey.  I recall the pigs walking down the centre of the road on the white line.  At first in the distance we wondered what on earth was up ahead, could it be Eagles as they are so daring that they stay in the middle of the road eating the road kill as you drive past them.

Broken Hill is in NSW but being close to SA, (across the border) Broken Hill adopted their time - yes, a bit confusing. 

The Trades Hall is the first privately owned one in the Southern Hemisphere.  Built & paid for by the people of Broken Hill it stands as a monument to all workers past and present.  It's the home of the Union movement since it was built in 1905.  The first attempt was in 1890 & a rather long story.

I took this photo with my 2nd owned Digital Camera, Samsung.  The first Digital Camera I had was a Kodak.

The Town Hall, Broken Hill NSW. Australia.  Built in 1890 the majority of the structure was demolished in 1970's, but the facade was preserved.


  1. That is a beautiful building. I love the curves and the stone. I also love the names of your towns.
    FERAL PIGS cool!! G

  2. We have some unusual names for our towns I re 'feral pigs':) Seems you haven't heard of that before.

  3. They are great examples of our early architecture.

  4. They sure are Diane and I have taken many photos of them over the years.

  5. Both these halls are truly beautiful buildings. I enjoyed hearing about all the wildlife to be seen as you travel. I'd love to return and continue my tour of Australia :)

  6. They are indeed lovely building Jane. One day I hope that you get the chance to return to Australia for longer so you can see more of our country in person.

  7. What wonderful photos I haven't been to Broken Hill in many years there are just so many wonderful places to visit in this great country.........

  8. Thanks...I liked it at Broken Hill. When you ask for a steak, it's a beauty!


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