Sunday, 20 May 2012

Swan Hill

 Travelling in Australia for us is great fun, the only problem is what road do we take that we haven't been on before.  Now this is a huge country with many roads but most populated on the East Coast at various places. Having travelled Australia like many, for us most years since the year 2000 for up to 4 months at a time, yes, of course it's a problem on which road to travel as we hate travelling on the same road twice.  (Since my mum passed on we now only go for one month due to me not being able to leave my father for any longer.)
One can go on different Hwy's or zigzag across, mainly from mid West to the East in certain places would be the best to describe it.  Many a road is yet to be explored. In the Future hopefully!

Swan Hill is situated on the Murray Valley Highway, Victoria, Australia north west of Melbourne, Victoria.
Citrus trees galore growing on the farms plus Vineyards in and around this area. 
We travelled up the Murray Valley Highway then onto the Sturt Highway to a place called Mildura.

The Bridge at Swan Hill over the Murray River

 Under the Bridge


  1. Oh My I love the look of bridges your photo captures the beams perfectly.
    I bet you miss those long long adventures but M you are a good daughter and your Mum would be very proud of you. I think your old adventures are wandering around in your memory gathering things you have forgotten and pop out when you need them. Take care my friend G xxoo

  2. Great pics and like Buttons, I also love bridges. I'll bet you've seen a lot of your country with the amount of travelling you've done.

  3. Love the photos of the bridge you have captured it just lovely......

  4. Hello Buttons,
    Yes I miss the months away, but at least I went when I could, so lucky on that.
    Thanks about my mum etc. :) I remember her well, and she is in my heart always :)
    Take care xoxox

    Hello Jane,
    Bridges are so fascinating, lots of stories to be told about bridges.
    Yes, have seen a lot of our country, but of course you never get to see everything, plus it changes all the time.

    Hello Jo-Anne,
    Thanks. Love taking my photos :)

  5. great pictures!! lucky you...i love to travel...have to wait till the kids get bigger...

  6. Hello Annmarie,
    Thanks and one day if you want to travel you will :)


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