Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Day Visit to Silverton, NSW

Silverton NSW, is located about 25 kms NW of Broken Hill and was once in the mid 1800's a mining town of about 3,000 people.  Now a population of about 30 people, it varies.  The roads are what we call bull-dust, red sandy soil that gets into every crevice of anything you own...remember the movie Mad Max! It's was not that far away that the movies were filmed, actually part of Silverton plus the Hotel was in the movie. 

Silverton is in the outback of Australia and we had an opportunity to visit there a few years ago whilst staying at Broken Hill, a mining town in the outback.

The Silverton Jail, now a Museum.

A look alike Mad Max vehicle parked outside the Silverton Hotel.

Awesome and very different inside this Hotel, but alas I didn't take a photo.

We had a nice lunch here. Lovely and clean and good food.


  1. I certainly like the MadMax car.


  2. Well M I am impressed I did enjoy the Mad Max movies even though they scared me but something about Mel at the time kept me watching.
    It is like an entirely different world where you are and I am. Someday my friend maybe I will get there. Hugs G

  3. I have never been to Silverton but have been to Broken Hill a few times there are still so many places in this great country I would love to visit...........

  4. Hello Filip & Kristel,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :) Oh that Mad Max car is sure something!

    Oh yes, Mel was good back then :)
    Looking forward to your visit one day :) I might get up your way first :)

    Broken Hill is also nice. So many places in Australia to see and some distance between them as well as you would know.

  5. lovely photos. the cafe looks interesting. lots of dust