Monday, 28 May 2012

Pardoo, Western Australia

At Pardoo in Western Australia there is a Road House in the middle of 'nowhere', so it seems.  Often destroyed by Cyclones and rebuilt over the years.  It's a friendly place, it has to be because you don't see one person to talk to for such a long distance.
At Pardoo you can have a lovely light meal in the Licensed Restaurant , there is a grassed Caravan Park, plus other Accommodation.  Having travelled on this Great Northern Highway a few times. 'Grass' is so wonderful to see and walk on after all the 'Bulldust'.
Pardoo is about 460km from Broome in WA, and 150km north of Port Headland. 

Lovely Winter's Sunset at Pardoo, WA


  1. Hello M that sunset is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the sites of your wonderful country. Hug G

  2. It looks and sounds like a great spot - and after a long journey I'm sure it's a sight for sore eyes! Lovely sunset. I noticed when I was down your way that you call them 'caravans' - we use the terms 'motorhome' or 'camper.'

  3. Hello G,
    You are welcome...Hugs to you too :)

    Hello Jane,
    It is a welcome place when you get there :)
    We also have campers, motorhomes, tents and so on.

  4. My parents have stayed at this place and they loved it said the staff were so friendly.......


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