Monday, 9 September 2013

Returned to blooms!

After being away for over a month it's lovely to return home and find some flowers in bloom.
My first Iris for the season, and the last of the daffodils which I put in a vase on the dinning room table.

I have been fiddling with my camera adding Saturation and Sharpening within the camera. I still haven't made up my mind what I exactly prefer as there isn't a great deal of difference on certain subjects, yet on others with different light there is a lot of difference, more so with the Saturation.
Some of the settings that are based in the camera I don't care at all, but I still use to get different effects.  Oh well, I will eventually make up my mind!
PS. These 3 photos have +1 Saturation, Sharpness 6 on the A setting.

The Magnolia.

The Iris in bloom today!

One of the Daffodils.


  1. The processes for changing photos is a difficult one. Sometimes I use them, and then look at the original and decide that it was better in the beginning before changing it.

    1. You are not wrong it what you say Rosemary...sometimes it's rather a hard decision.

  2. You are lucky, it is going to start the good weather. Today we received our first taste of fall. Heave rain and strong winds. I had to fly and I asure you it was bumpy ride.


    1. Looking forward to more of spring and of course summer.
      Oh dear! That doesn't sound too good with a bumpy ride, rain and strong winds, it's a reminder of what is to come in your season.