Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Castlemaine, Victoria

Castlemaine, Victoria is a small city. The name came from Captain W. Wright, in honour of his Irish uncle, Viscount Castlemaine.
The first settlers or squatters arrived in 1837 to establish vast sheep runs after Major Mitchell passed the region in 1836. Major Thomas Mitchell was an explorer of south-eastern Australia and was born in Scotland.
Castlemaine is also know for it's Gold in the past.
Gold was discovered in 1851 around the area by Christopher T Peters, a shepherd and hut-keeper. After the gold the town/city became known for it's breweries, iron foundries and a woolen mill along with a few other industries...Thanks Wikipedia.
The city is not that far from Melbourne, Victoria as in about 120 km.
We called into Castlemaine for a short visit on our way home and did a stroll up the street.

The Town Hall.

Once a Hotel/Pub now a Restaurant I believe.

I am not sure what this building is used for, apart from bike hire and art.

The Warm Memorial and the RSL.  Return Serviceman League.

Need a coat of paint.


  1. The buildings in the photos are gorgerous!

  2. i love the old buildings in our country towns and your photos are great. makes me want to visit. i love the bike hire building. lots of industry in the old days.

    1. They are lovely F. I thought it was out of character to have a bike hire from that building:) looks a bit weird to me :)

  3. These small towns have the nicest old buildings. Some would look great with a bit of TLC. At least they haven't been bulldozed like in the big cities.