Wednesday, 11 September 2013

From Melbourne, Australia to the Home Port of Devonport, Tasmania!

Travelling on board the Passenger Ferry The Spirit of Tasmania is part of our journey and holiday to Mainland Australia and beyond.
Information to a link [here] to how large or small the ferry is, how long it takes to cross Bass Strait and so on.

It's a very comfortable cabin with a good bunk, so therefore we both have a good sleep woken only by the female on the intercom waking everyone in each cabin approximately 3/4 of an hour before having to be in our cars ready to disembark.  We have a shower and eat breakfast later in the morning at a Road House along the way.

The seabed it about 50 meters deep so therefore it's considered a rough stretch across Bass Strait. Of the 22 times we have been across we have never experienced that thus far, always the first time though.

The wait in the queue to drive on board is rather long. However, before the queue it's finding somewhere to park that can be and is mostly a problem.  We stop at a Service Centre way up the highway, then travel down over the Westgate Bridge to the Port of Melbourne arriving just in time for the 'queue'.

One of the two Ferries in Melbourne. Part of St. Kilda beach which goes to the left of the photo a very long way down.

The cars go right back to the back pier and turn around up along the side of the Ferry in 3 rows. All cars enter the bow and go out the stern.  When in Devonport, Tasmania it's the opposite.

A Melbourne sightseeing bus comes around the pier as some of us wait in the parking area which isn't cheap either.

Part of the waterfront Apartments overlooking a small area of St. Kilda Beach.

The Gateway Bridge taken through the windscreen of our vehicle.

One of the Service Centres we park at some distance up the Highway.
The centre offers McDonald's, Subway and Petrol, showers and loos.
So what do we do whilst waiting here for several hours - surf the net in our car and talk to each other.