Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kempton, Tasmania, Australia

Sweet place is Kempton in Tasmania, Australia.  I stayed there once for many months with my parents in the old Hotel, now burnt down another replacing it.  I remember whilst my mother was resting during the day and my father was at work I sat down on the floor by the bed and being a very small child opened the cupboard door somehow and found some Aspirin began eating those as lollies.  Didn't do me any harm :)  My parents thought they had hidden the Aspirin and were horrified for they were not sure how many I had had.

Kempton was settled by Europeans in 1820's

The Memorial Arch in Kempton

Wilmot Arms Inn where once stage coaches, horses tied up at the posts. Built in 1843 it provides accommodation plus meals for the traveller.

I believe inside it's very nice.

 A sweet cottage in Kempton.

Dysart House Built in 1842, it was originally named 'The Green Ponds Hotel' and served as an Inn, Public House and residence until the 1860's. During the next decade it was used as a scholastic establishment for young ladies before reverting to private occupancy.


  1. i love the architecture of tasmania. that arch/clock tower is very unusual. i hope you are well xxx

  2. I really hope to visit your neck of the woods someday. This looks like an interesting stop. Thankfully you weren't munching on something stronger than Aspirin... !

  3. Oh M I really must get on a plane and visit my dear friend and see all your wonderful sights. Alas I will have to settle on reading your blog and enjoying it this way.
    Thank you for bringing it ever so closer to me.
    Love the pics and boy you were quite the little rascal with the aspirin:)
    Love G

  4. There are some great historical buildings in Tassie. These are lovely. I have never heard of Kempton. Always learning something new in blogland. You were lucky that the aspirin didn't hurt you.


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