Monday, 12 March 2012

Photoshop Cs5

Few things I don't normally do: Wear large earrings. Photoshop my photos or photos of myself, however, there is often an exception and the below photo of me is one.  Just fiddling and came up with a different view of myself.  One thing I do like to do it fiddle :) with Photoshop Cs5.

 Photo of me taken 2 days ago. 
I made myself Black & White and lightened, used the Dodge tool at 30% for the Exposure, Range Midtones. Then used the Dodge tool for the background. Used a Filter to give the effect but can't recall which Filter, but if I had to could find it. 
Well I really have to keep something secret about what I did!


  1. A nice fiddle. It looks like a sketch. Bill likes doing this stuff but it doesn't grab me. I like looking at what other people do but I can't be bothered learning it.I just want to learn to take better photos.

  2. Hello Diane,
    We are all different. Practice makes perfect with photography & even then nothing is perfect.
    Takes patience to - fiddle -

  3. Oh M you are so clever I have always admired your fiddle ways.
    You look beautiful I should send you a photo of me so I can look beautiful too. Take care my friend. G

  4. I don't know the first thing about fiddling, but I really like what you've done - you look great! Kind of resembles a sketch. I love your new profile pic.

  5. Very nice effect, good shot.


  6. what a beautiful pic. well done. you look gorgeous. i love playing with images too, there's so much available these days. when i first studied (ages ago) i used pagemaker. these days i like ps elements. your earrings look lovely too. very nice


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