Sunday, 11 March 2012

Blogging from iPhone

Just read a comment Diane left on her bog comments regarding blogging from mobile phone, so thought I would try it out. Thanks Diane, I never knew that Blogger had this feature only because I didn't look :)

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  1. Hello M I am very interested in this, I will have to check it out as I will be taking an I phone on my trip to Vancouver. I may need thicker stronger glasses for the little screen:) I am going to try though thank you. xxoo G

  2. Interesting, but that would mean I'd need to get a mobile phone... lol!!

  3. Hello Buttons,
    It was easy to do, well for me it was :) so I am sure you can do it too and it's a great idea.

    Hello Jane,
    Oh Jane, you don't have a mobile phone! Expect you don't need one :)

  4. I guess you will learn to do it before I do. I can do the email one but haven't got a decent phone yet. I still can't blog from my ipad. I'm going to the Apple shop tomorrow for help.