Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Callington Mill

Passed through the town of Oatlands at the weekend and took a photo of the Callington Mill which is in the town of Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia. 

The Mill was built in 1836 by John Vincent who didn't have much success with his flour mill, tried to sell it but ended up handing it to his son John Jubilee Vincent in 1840.  By 1850 the mill had been sold to Thomas Jillett who established a steam mill whereby production increased. By 1862 the flour mill was two storey driven with steam and wind plus other various buildings.

The mill continued to operate until 1892. In 1909 a storm blew the sails away and in 1912 it was gutted by fire.

Callington Mill restoration was completed in late 2010 and commenced operation on the 3rd October 2010.
It is a fully operational wind driven flour mill, once again grinding flour.


  1. Great photo and interesting history. Mr. Vincent would be proud to know it's still in production today.

  2. It looks indeed very old. Here in The Netherlands, we have many of these wind mills.


  3. Oh M I love this the history is fascinating and the photo incredible.
    I was mistaken as I thought beautiful windmills are only in Holland. Take care my friend. G

  4. Really a picturesque mill. I bet it could tell some stories...

  5. That's an amazing story and a great photo.

  6. Hello Jane,
    Thanks...I guess he would be proud.

  7. Hello Filip,
    I was aware of the windmills in the Netherlands but didn't know they were used to make flour :)

  8. Hello Clint,
    Thanks. I bet it could tell many stories and I guess you would be listening :)