Sunday, 1 April 2012

Low Head, Tasmania, Australia

Went for a drive the other day was gone 5 hours.  Down one side of the Tamar River across the Batman Bridge and back down to the city of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Low Head is at the mouth of the Tamar River, a small town with a small population.

 One of the beaches at Low Head, looking towards Bass Strait.

My toes and my thong at Low Head.

A signal station was set up at Low Head in 1805.  It is Australia's oldest continuously used pilot station. The light house was built as in the tower 1883, but poorly constructed thus pulled down and another rebuilt in 1888.  These days it's unmanned but of course in use with all the modern workings.

Batman Bridge built between 1966 - 1968 was the first cable stayed bridge in Australia.
The grounds are lovely and green and many a camper is camped for free. Camping was not permitted once but obviously now it is!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous shots! Sounds like a wonderful day.

  2. lovely shots. i've been enjoying tamar valley yoghurt lately. it's quite delish. hope you are well. :)

  3. Oh M these are beautiful I wish I had been along for the ride. Five hours with you my friend would go very quickly I am sure. We would have so much fun you showing me the sights and I enjoying every minute. Maybe someday M. Take care G

  4. I so want to visit Tassie I am trying to get hubby to go there on our next holiday........

  5. e stayed in that area in a B&B. We loved it. The Tamar Valley reminded Bill of some areas of Switzerland. Love the toes.