Thursday, 26 April 2012

Private Health

For as long as I can remember both my husband and I have had Private Health Insurance which has afforded us to choose the Doctor & Private Hospital of our choice when needed over the years.  If we hadn't of had Private Health Insurance I hate to think how long we would of had to wait on the waiting list at the Public Hospitals plus put up with the symptoms.
In our case, Private Health Insurance served us well & has truly paid for itself.

Many people say they can't afford the yearly fee.
It depends on what is important to each individual who hasn't taken our Private Health Insurance in their life.  
Of course there are several people who couldn't afford the yearly fee, especially those people who are renting a house at a costly rate, plus some single aged pensioners.
We have never had any trouble throughout our lives paying the fee, and yes, we have been through tough times at times.
Just a few of my thoughts on Private Health.


  1. Hello M I was wondering where you were. As far as I know the private health care in Canada at least in my experience is not so very different from our regular free one. I think our government has done pretty well. That is my experience only and I must tell you the last 7 years I have unfortunately had to watch our system at work.It is very hard and I so do believe in free but it is nice when people can afford the extra. We have never had a problem but I have heard of long waits for some people.I am grateful for our experiences with the health care in Canada.
    I do hope everything is all right my friend. Take care Hug G

  2. We had private health insurance when we were younger and I had the girls but have not had it for a long time we just can't afford it. My parents also had it for a long time when we were little but they dropped out and have relied on the public system and thankfully have not had much of a wait for treatment. The same with me and hubby we have never had that great a wait thankfully.