Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Scenery along the way to Fitzroy Crossing

From Kununurra To Fitzroy Crossing WA, a Map below.
Shown in blue the highway we took, in fact it's the only road that I know of.
We left early in the morning from Kununurra arriving at Fitzroy Crossing after a 648 klm drive ( 403 miles approx.) in a day, taking 7 hours.
One small town between called Halls Creek.

During this day trip I took several photos from the moving vehicle - if they are a bit blurred you know why.

So beginning with the late sunrise on the highway.  Not that the sunrise was late :) it was difficult in that particular area to get a photo before the sunrise disappeared.



The above three photos are of Mary Poole which is a rest area/overnight stay or longer for caravans, motorhomes.  No power, no water, it's dusty, sandy and dry.  Cattle can wander around though we didn't see any there.
The above photo is the creek with certainly no sign of water.  We just called in but continued on.

As we travelled along this lonely highway in the distance we saw flashing lights, lots of vehicles, then we saw a caravan in the bush in one piece without a vehicle attached.
The closer we came to the flashing lights it was easy to see, the fire brigade, the police and an ambulance.  Spotted was this 4 wheel drive burnt and still smoking hot.
Presume the man with the fire extinguisher in one hand and water in the other was the owner.
How he got the caravan unhitched by himself was a miracle.


  1. It must be difficult to get help when something like your car goes on fire in such a remote area - I am always struck by how different the colours of the Australian landscape are from ours.

    1. Yes rosemary, the colours are different from what I have seen in photos of England.
      It can be a problem in isolated areas getting help, no phone signal in so many places, even the UHF Radio won't work sometimes. Waiting and being patient till someone comes along. We were in this situation some years ago - lucky for us the Police were driving past so help was at hand when we broke down. Having said that, their satellite phone didn't work either.

  2. God you certainly were out in the "Never Never". Still the countryside really doesn't look
    too bad as can be noted from those two Brahman bullocks - really they look in exceptionally
    great condition.
    I believe that Hall's Creek itself would not be an appealing place to live in.
    Maybe worth a visit I suppose due to the location and the name.
    I bet in the "Wet" that dry creek would be probably a raging torrent.
    Great photos.

    1. It's a bit like the 'never. never' as we know it Colin.
      Plenty of food for the bulls, as you would be aware of many acres and few bulls.
      Halls Creek - well some people will stop there for the night in their vans, others won't. The small town itself looks clean but mostly Aboriginals and they like to make a noise which they do well.
      In the 'wet' the creeks would flow as would the rivers....I bet it's amazing to see.

  3. The loneliness is ,patent, in each of your photos . It must be painful ,the scarcity water .


    1. Very isolated place and no water as I mentioned, but it's always important that we all carry plenty of water just in case it's needed.

  4. It is unforgiving country, but so very beautiful.
    Thank you so much for taking us along.

    1. You are welcome, very peaceful up the Top End along the Highway :) You can hear yourself 'thinking'.

  5. Even the arid terrain, the dust; the barren landscape all are awesomely their own unique ways.

    1. It all is beautiful, each rock, escarpment are all different somehow, though they look similar. The little tiny trees that grow on the top of the rocks, on the way up the hills, truly amazing.

  6. Margaret your continent is great and sointeresting. Nature truly amazing . Thanks for sharing

  7. I remember that stretch. It really is the outback. The photos are beautiful.

  8. I like the dry creek bed photos and the cattle in the middle of nowhere.
    Really sorry to see a burnt out car though. at least he still has his caravan, so has food and clothing. And shelter.

  9. Wow, that burnt vehicle was such a sight, caught me for a moment as I was in awe of nature.
    Bless the poor man.

  10. So much colour in our outback.
    But getting very warm now.

  11. It looks so dry and so awesome as well, this is the type of country Tim likes


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