Sunday, 10 November 2013

Jerilderie in NSW + Rememberance Day.

Jerilderie is a small town of just under 800 people in NSW.  Lovely and clean.  Canola, Rice, Wheat and lots of other crops are grown there. It's also a farming area.
There is a War Memorial also which are in most towns, and as we are coming up to 11 day of the 11 month I thought it appropriate to post a photo I took of some of the names from that area of those that died in the War...

Lake Jerilderie

Known as the Steel Wings windmill which were made in Sydney 1907 and 1911 with only six models ever erected. The windmills comprise a steel frame and fan which turns to the wind between a bearing at the bottom and a swivel at the top, all supported by Guy-wires. The fully restored windmills, the only two known working examples in the world, are unique because their fan is contained and spins within the fully pivoting frame.

This Steel Wings was restored by Clive Langfield and George Cornish (now dec.) spending some 600 hours to bring it to its present working condition, pumping 9 litres (2.4 US gal) per revolution from the Billabong Creek to the Jerilderie Lake using a 15-centimetre (5.9 in) draw plunger with a 48-centimetre (19 in) stroke.
The Jerilderie windmill, the larger of the two stands 17 metres (56 ft) high with a 9-metre (30 ft) fan.
Thanks Wikipedia.


  1. I find it so sad to see the sacrifices made by such small towns in war. I've only been to Jerilderie once - but as well as the FABULOUS Steel Wings, we also got to see 'Bread Tin Ned' - a tribute to Ned Kelly made entirely of bread tins in the local bakery!! Only in Australia ...

    1. Yes, Only in Australia :)
      'Tis sad as there are many small towns where the young ones were lost in the wars.

  2. We have our Veterans day on the 11th too

  3. I am so very grateful for our veterans and the men and women in the military. May God Bless them all!

    1. Lots of lives lots over the years in war...It's our day to Remember.

  4. It is going to be emotional period in the next four years. The region where I was born in Flanders is remembering WOI after 100 years.


  5. Nice tribute and interesting info about the steel wings.


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