Friday, 15 November 2013

Bush (Brush) Turkey's in Noosa, Queensland

Off to the beach in Noosa in Queensland, and whilst there Bush Turkeys are many, known as Brush Turkey.  They seem to be fairly tame and just wander around along the pathway, across the road and into the car park and beyond to the bush.


  1. Oh M your turkeys are so very different from ours they are so pretty. I thought it was a fake one at first. Hug xoxoxoG

    1. Oh did you think it was fake...they are wild turkeys. That one does indeed have lovely colours.

  2. Haha, 'fairly tame' is an understatement if they are anywhere near a picnic area!!!! While they're common up north, there are none where we live so we always mark the passage of a trip by where we spot the first one!!

  3. None where we live either, but certainly about up north - look out!


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