Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tail Race Park, Trevallyn Tasmania.

I have my father staying with us, it's interesting to say the least :) He manages to get a mug out to pour some water for his tea and has the mug upside down, thank goodness he didn't burn himself.  That is just one thing of many that he does because he's legally blind.

We all went to the youngest grandchild's 1st birthday party at Tail Race Park yesterday, had a barbecue on a lovely humid day.  I am yet to discover why it's called Tail Race Park.
The park was lovely and green with 3 barbecues underneath a canopy, and there were about 3 of those within the park, it's first in gets the use of the barbecues. Didn't take a photo because everyone was camera shy :)

The view of the river from the ramp at Tail Race Park.

I zoomed for this photo.

Nothing would be complete unless there were swans.


  1. Three black swans together, in our country this is rare.


    1. Really!...there are many Black Swans on this Island.

  2. that looks so relaxing and serene. i hope you all enjoyed your bbq. we have black swans here on the river torrens too. they are quite majestic aren't they?

    1. Very peaceful. Swans are lovely, though they can get aggressive at times :)