Thursday, 18 April 2013

Car Crash in Targa.

So many bad things happening in this world at the moment, just one thing after another. In the middle of the tragedies of this world, here in Tasmania, Australia we have the annual car rally called Targa. in various places on this Island same time every year.

On the first day of the rally in a country area a man lost his life by hitting a big gumtree, his navigator was taken to the hospital. The picture below is what is left of the Porsche which was bought especially for Targa Tasmania. Photo courtesy of the Examiner newspaper.


  1. It's unfortunate that the driver lost his life. Such a tragic accident for what should have been a happy and enjoyable event. Were they able to figure out the reason for the crash? And do you know how the navigator is doing now?


  2. Was sad. Haven't a clue as to the out come of your questions, they were not published.


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