Tuesday 11 September 2012

Narrandera, NSW

Narrandera is a place that appeals to me.  The people are friendly but so are they in other towns.
The streets are wide with some lovely buildings and trees to keep some streets cooler in the summer.
Lost count of how many times we have passed through and sometimes stayed at Narrandera.
This was out last port of call as in stopping before heading to Melbourne to catch the ship home....from one shore to another.

I have been fiddling with HDR High Dynamic Range with my photos.  It seems I do what I think looks nice and sometimes it's very different. I saw where Diane has tried it out. 
After reading many tutorials I decided to do what I like, as I don't always like what the 'so called' experts have done - each to his own.

These photos are all of Narrandera done in HDR.

St. Mel's Catholic Church.

Inside St. Mel's Catholic Church.

The Ceramic Royal Daulton Fountain, the second one of it's kind in the world.  The other one is to be found in Karachi, in Pakistan.

A house in Narrandera

Main Street of Narrandera


  1. Oh I love these photos I do not know what you do but they look wonderful. You know I am not very good at all that fiddling stuff and making it beautiful like you are. Great shots too. G

    1. Thanks. Fiddling and more fiddling and over time it comes together how I want it.

  2. They are very good, Margaret. I'm chuffed that I inspired you to have a go. Likewise I was inspired by other bloggers. Which program did you use? The fountain has an interesting story. I haven't been there or maybe we have driven through. It looks a nice town.

    1. Yes, you certainly inspire to me to have a go.
      I used Photoshop if nec, or Photomatix Pro and fiddles with the settings.


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