Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Proserpine, Queensland and Gunna Go Caravan Park!

Proserpine in Queensland has a sugar mill after the mill was built the town was established in 1890.
Gold was found back then but the mine is closed.
It's a small town with one Main Street.
Proserpine is not that far from Airlie Beach - The Whitsunday Islands and The Great Barrier Reef.
This year in March there was a cyclone Debbie came across and it was hit and miss.

The Prince of Wales Hotel was built in 1904.

The Sugar Mill above, below part of the Gunna A Go Caravan Park where we stayed for 7 nights.

There were two parts to this caravan park, the not so noisy and noisy - having said that the train line went through right behind us - but we didn't hear it during the night where some people did.  At least we were asked upon arrival, the quiet or train noise.  Didn't bother us at all.

The Caravan Park was lashed by Cyclone Debbie and was recovering well.
Was wonderful to be amid the palm trees.
The Bar below which was Licensed and open each evening.

Don't know what the plant above is, it's very pretty.  Plant below is Mother In Laws Tongue.

A new sign, was not one there when we went out but one when we returned.
Beautiful old tree which had been trimmed after the cyclone.


  1. I think your beautiful purple plant is tibouchina. My partner's mother grew it in Brisbane.
    Love the wide streets in country towns, and suspect it has recovered well after the cyclone. Resilient places. They have to be.

    1. Well thanks for that name of the plant. Have seen it before up north, so it likes the humid warm hot weather for winter. It is very pretty.
      Some places have recovered well from the cyclone other not so, many are still waiting on insurance!

  2. I've seen that purple plant before but don't remember what it is. I'll google tibouchina, but I'm not sure that's it, unless there are different varieties.
    I like wide country streets too and it's nice to know there's a caravan park good enough to stay a whole week in.

    1. Plant could be a Tibouchina, I googled it too.
      Wide streets in country town are great - not a lot of traffic.

  3. Wow sugar mill sounds nteresting i have never heard before

  4. I enjoyed the sugar mill's history and the old hotel. Such a shame about the cyclone and its damage. I wish you a blessed Christmas.

  5. Replies
    1. Needed to be as it was getting warmer as in weather in the winter.

  6. Has a kind of outback look to it. The Mother-in-law's tongue looks appropriately long and barbed!

  7. Hay quien duerme profundamente y no le molesta los ruídos...lugar estupendo para descansar.


  8. What a beautiful place with wonderful plants!!
    Thank you very much for your wishes !!
    Merry Christmas to you, too !!

  9. The hotel is nice and simple Art Deco. It's really hard to say the name of the caravan park. The bar looks like a very hot place, and not hot in a good sense.

    1. The Art Deco took my eye, it's not often one sees Art Deco and when you do it stands out.
      Odd name for a caravan park, if you look at the outside of it you wouldn't give it a second look but it's ok inside.

  10. Proserpine airport can be quite busy with the tourists off to the Whitsundays for their holidays all year long. Some really great resort islands just off the coast.

    I reckon that caravan park bar could tell some 'fancy" tales of residents - ha ha!

    You have to wonder at hotel names in the imagination
    for a name appropriate to the area. The area associated with the "Prince of Wales" could no bloody way be associated with anything remotely with the tropics!
    Good coverage of the area, Margaret.

    1. Many Pubs in various places names 'Prince of Wales' for what ever reason we will never know.
      Many a story would have been told at the 'bar' for sure.

  11. Another great group of photos, Margaret. Cyclone Debbie most certainly left her calling card...she left her mark.

    Even as far down to here and beyond the NSW border, areas were affected in her aftermath.

    She wasn't a very congenial lady!! (She was no lady!!!)

  12. never experienced cyclones though saw on news and movies ,must be disastering still place id so beautiful


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