Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Weird Sunday!

On Sunday we took Auntie from the State of Brisbane for a drive up the Tamar River, the East side then the West side. Up to Hillwood, Egg Island, Gravelly Beach are just some of the villages along the way.

The weather has been dreadful and more like spring. On Sunday it rained, was cold and miserable, so we headed off for the drive rather than sit at home.
The Batman Bridge was built between 1966 - 1968. It was the first cable - stayed bridge built in Australia, also one of the first of it's kind in the World.

All photos taken from the car as it was too wet and windy to get out.

Gravelly Beach

Batman Bridge

Egg Island

A picnic area at Hillwood

The Presbyterian Auld Kirk Church at Sidmouth which was built by convict and free labour in 1843.


  1. Oh that Batman Bridge is really "Cool" :) Love your photos M. xoxo G

    1. Thanks B.
      It's a lovely bridge and a good picnic ground near there.

  2. Replies
    1. Batman discovered the Melbourne in Victoria after Tasmania, Australia.

  3. It does look grey and miserable not at all like summer. Hope things have improved. A bit sad for your visitor. (From the state of Brisbane????)

    1. Weather has improved thank goodness.
      Yes, Auntie is from Brisbane :) up your way.