Friday, 3 January 2014

Strange how things happen!

Went to print a document on New Years Eve and the printer light wouldn't come on, so hence after investigating many options and a thorough check we came to the conclusion that it had 'died'.  So off to buy another,  It's a new one out apparently, a Canon MG7160 which is Wireless or USB, it prints on DVD/CD discs like my old printer, and of course it scans which my old one didn't do.  I am very happy with it.
I was amused, after I had installed the Drivers and software the small window on the printer told me there was a Firmware update, and would I like to install it, so of course I did which installs into the printer itself.


  1. That sounds like a really neat printer. Each time I get a new computer I have to buy a new printer too as one is never compatible with the other. Snow and cold here so enjoy your warm temps!

  2. Thanks Beth.
    Each computer I get, I am able to get the drivers and just install the software so I could keep the same printer, It's a pity you have to buy a new one each time, but then again it depends on how often you buy a new computer.

  3. I have the impression it is rather big. I also had problems with the drivers of my printer lately. Happy New Year.


    1. It is a big printer. Drivers can be a problem at times

  4. Oh, technology ... so tedious when it malfunctions! Glad you've sorted it out! Happy New Year!!

  5. I went to buy printer cartridge and found it to be $69 next to the cartridges in the store was a shelf of printers for $79 so I thought it is almost as cheap to buy a new printer so I did. The old one didn't scan, copy or fax but this one does. It is wifi and usb but the wifi connection doesn't work any more and I can't be bothered reinstalling it so I just use the cable now. Have fun with yours.