Monday, 7 January 2013

Parliament House ACT

Parliament House in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia (ACT) begun being constructed 1981, completed in 1988.
Have been to Canberra several times and how time has changed this building from the front.  One could/can walk on top of the building because it's lawn.  When we visited the first time when these photos were taken, you just walked in the front door, ate in the cafe if you wished to.  The next visit to Canberra we went through security and were not permitted in certain areas, far cry from the first visit.

Parliament House, ACT.  These days the water has been taken away, now tar and cement.

First floor looking down.

The stairs on one side of the foyer.

Old Parliament House and the Aboriginal Art.
This building was used as temporary building for Parliament from 1927 to 1988


  1. Wow that is a very modern building M. Hugs G

  2. Yes it is, it's shaped like a boomerang if I had taken it further away..Hugs xoxxo

  3. Love the very modern look to it once you get inside - quite surprising!

  4. It is an impressive building. Sad about taking the water away.

  5. I would like to go to Canberra again been years since we hae been there........