Saturday, 3 November 2012

Golf at Bothwell, Tasmania. Australia

Bothwell Golf Museum is situated in Bothwell which is the gateway to the highlands of Tasmania, Australia. This Golf Course was and is the oldest in Australia.

As a child I spend several School Holidays at Bothwell staying with relatives in a very old house with a large kitchen, and a wonderful very large open fireplace where my Auntie used to cook potatoes and vegies, and of course always had the kettle on the side boiling. Auntie did have a stove as well.

Then there were the stairs! How I loved the stairs. Of course my cousin and I were not permitted to go up the stairs as they were not safe.  Fancy telling ME that!
Off we would go if we thought Auntie wasn't watching to the rooms up above, they were large and not used, plus there was an Attic.  Oh, we did have such fun up there, my cousin and I.
Yes, we would consistently get into trouble, which only made us want to go more often Upstairs.

One set of my GGGrandparents are buried at Bothwell, two of the many Pioneers of that area.  The Homestead still stands today, actually distant cousins live in it and farm the land.

The Bothwell Golf Museum.


  1. A rather interesting building for a gold museum, love the vivid colors !

  2. Oh I love that place it is gorgeous. I would have loved to explore that history filled house with you as a child. It would have been worth the trouble you found yourself in. Love that distant relatives still own it Hugs xxoo G

  3. The club house looks amazing. Good picture with the colours.


  4. Wonderful memories :) That's a great pic - the museum building almost looks like it was once a farmhouse.

    1. Yes, Jane good memories. I think the Museum might have been a school, not sure.

  5. Love the look of the Golf Museum I would love to visit it and those memories of visiting your auntie sound awesome........

  6. Fabulous place and photo. You sure are a dinky di Tasmanian.