Saturday, 10 November 2012

Corinna, Tasmania, Australia

Corinna is a very small town on the North West Coast of Tasmania, Australia. 
The town only a few people living there, and is on the edge of what is known as the Tarkine.

A video of some of the scenery and about the area goes for about 7 minutes and is well worth watching.

The site below tell of the history of Corinna, well worth the read.

Inisde the Tarkine Hotel.

One of the Cottages that you can stay in at Corrina.


  1. a hidden gem! just beautiful. i would love to be in that helicopter!

    1. I would like to be in that helicopter as well, would be lovely scenery.

  2. The Tarkine is a beautiful area and staying here would be special.

  3. Seeing this area via helicoper would be so amazing. What an incredible spot - thanks for posting this link. Great pics as well - I love b&w.

  4. Such awesome photos............yes it would be wonderful to view it via helicopter


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