Friday, 24 August 2012

Noosa area!

Have returned home some thousand of kms after crossing the sea from one shore to another.

Whilst up in the sub-tropics we visited Noosa and around that area. The whole area is cluttered with losts of round a bouts, the main beach is small there are far nicer beaches south of Noosa.

Called into Peregian Beach, Qld, and it's a lovely beach at that.

 Peregian Beach below the Noosa area.

A beach at the Noosa area.

A large Ficus Tree near the above, pleasant picnic area.


  1. those photos are just lovely. i wish i were somewhere warm atm. it's freezing here (adelaide). lots of rain too. i hope you enjoyed your travels. i bet you are pleased to be home. it's lovely to travel and better to come home. :) take care

  2. Welcome home my dear dear friend I think you must have had a wonderful time. I do know travelling is a very important part of your life.
    Love the beaches. HUGS Love G

    1. Thanks B, my dear friend. Had a great time thanks.