Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Maleny, Queensland. Australia

Maleny is a town in the Heart of the Hinterland, it's up in the hills and has that country feel to it.
The view towards Maleny is overlooking the Sunshine Coast. Queensland.
Maleny used to be a 'timber town' then progressed to farming/dairy, fruit growing and now tourism.
Population is over a 1,000 people and the hub of the town is reasonable busy for a country town.

The Main Street which is on the hill.

The Police Station plus Police House converted from a house in about 1952.

A view from down the road towards the Sunshine Coast.

Another view down where by you can see the sea and part of the Sunshine Coast.


  1. Oh M I love your trips and the fact that you share them. I have to get there someday:0 Hugs G