Thursday, 29 September 2011

Not a bad View!

The city that father lives in has a new children's playground, skateboard area, barbecues, plus surf club with steps to the small beach.
This has cut the carpark greatly where before one could park looking at the sea, now away from the sea.
Finally these works are just about completed and it looks lovely and clean, kind of wonder how long it will be like that.
I drive past this area every week several times even though I live in another city.

When my children were little we would all spend time at weekends in this area.
There is also a bike/walking path which goes from the swimming pool then back down along the beach, past where the Spirit of Tasmania is berthed (when not sailing) over a bridge and down the other side of the river - lots of kms.  
My husband, myself and our children would ride most of this area every second weekend when they were small when we used to go and stay with my parents.

 One of the new barbecues, there are 2 more before this one.

 The skate area, there is also a smaller one on left. (not in the photo)

 Part of the play area plus the path to the beach.


  1. it's nice to see this kind of development so that families can enjoy the outdoors. and such lovely views. hope you are well

  2. M what an incredible place to play. The view of the water is stunning. I bet your kids had a great time and now another generation will be enjoying this new update. I am sure I would be there everyday if I was there. I love a good swing by the water. G