Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cooking today!

It's a good thing I don't mind cooking sometimes, but I am not a cook.

I made my father some rissoles, then I make a jelly slice which has my mouth watering.
The rissoles I pre-cooked have frozen them and will take to my dads next week, he can manage to make some gravy and give them a bit of a cook in the microwave - he has this special magnifier that he puts up to the numbers on the microwave and off he goes...for he who helps himself will get on ok :)

This week I spent over 1-1/2 hour reading the mail to my father. (paper & emails)
I replied to 8 emails for him.
I took him grocery shopping and I bought what I thought he would like to eat, and what he can manage to cook.  Of course I let him give me some input.
Everything has to be separated, wrapped in wrap for freezing it's easy access for my dad.
He has to remember where I put things in the fridge & freezer downstairs plus where I put things in his cupboards.
I did his washing, 3 loads.
He had messed up his TV which is nothing unusual, he does a wonderful job of using the remotes with his special magnifier.  So I fixed the TV again!
I helped him make the bed.
Took him and I paid some accounts for him. 
We went to the Chemist.
Simple for most of us a big effort for my dad, and when I am on my dads phone talking to someone it's Murphy's Law that my mobile will ring.  My father listens to where the ring is coming from as I watch him and then he somehow manages to pick it up, bring it to me, I slide the 'thing' to answer the call and I put the ear piece to my father's ear so he can hear who is phoning me whilst I keep talking on his house phone.

When my father & I go shopping etc. he has his white stick which is only given to those who are legally blind plus my dad hangs onto my arm in a special way to steady February he will be 88 years of age.  God has been kind to him thus far.

Whilst I was away my husband on that day took one of his friends who is recovering from an operation on a long drive....5 hours about, it worked out they averaged 56km an hour with only a few short stops along the way.  They drove to part of the north east coast of Tasmania and back.  
One can see how so many people that live not on this island can not imagine traveling as so far without getting too far.  If that makes sense.

                  My Jelly Slices I made and I am sure most women have made these.                                                                                                  


  1. Oh M you are a very special daughter your Dad and you are so lucky to have such a great bond. I am happy your Dad is still doing well.
    Your jelly things look wonderful, I have never made them but I sure would eat them.
    I love long drives going slow and no idea how long to get there.
    Take care my friend. B

  2. your jelly slice looks very tempting and gorgeous. i've never made one. rissoles are always good and taste better the next day. they freeze well too. it's warming up here (adelaide) although rain is forecast for next week. enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Not me I'm useless in the kitchen. Yum Yum they look delicious.


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