Saturday, 15 February 2014

An exciting time!

Saturday the fun begins.
A childs 3rd birthday party in the morning time till after lunch.
Then to the Supermarket to buy some groceries so I can cook, plus of course meat to make some Rissoles.
Also have to make a Jelly Slice, a Fruit Cake and ice it Sunday, make various biscuits.
On Sunday and Monday more cooking plus cleaning the house.
You see our youngest son, his wife and their 3 small children are flying home to stay with us for 4 days.  It's the first time they have been home since 2008.  They live in the State of Queensland many km/miles away, arriving Monday afternoon at the Launceston Airport.
My husband and I have to take two cars to the Airport because they won't fit in one vehicle with just one of us driving.  Seat belts have to be worn and with 6 people and only 5 seats so therefore 5 seat belts.

But of course there is more.
On Tuesday my dad will turn 90, so more cooking for the party I am giving him at his house just over 100km's away.  So I think I will be rather busy for a few days, but I will love every minute of it.

A house with lots of noise here, and at my dads when the guests begin to arrive.


  1. Busy and fun times for you and your family. Hope you all have a wonderful time!

    1. Yes busy, Mildred and we will have a great time, and thank you.

  2. Oh M I am so EXCITED for you I know how much this means to you and B. Oh you are going to have so much fun. Happy Birthday to your Dad 90 wow. Happy 3rd Birthday. Oh it is so worth the little bit of driving and cooking you are all going to have a wonderful time. I will be thinking of you. HUGS HUGSxoxoxox G

    1. Thanks B :) I will enjoy all of it, and the youngest son and family are a surprise for my dad. Hugs M xoxox

  3. Lovely - what excitement - have a wonderful, wonderful time.

  4. as a child, my favorite birthday was my 3rd

  5. That's amazing and very special becoming 90 years old. Enjoy it.