Friday, 22 March 2013

Broome. Western Australia.

I love the colours in the sandstone around the town of Broome in the State of Western Australia.
Gantheaume Point has lovely colourings in the sandstone there. It can be seen where the sea has made it's mark on the shaping of these rocks.
Dinosaur footprints can be found approximately 30m (98ft) during a low tide which date back to 130 million years it's believed.
The first time we went to Broome we were not that taken with the place, but somehow we ended up there again 2 years late and stayed longer so therefore discovered more.  Now Broome is one of my favourite places in Australia to visit.
The town is known for it's cultured pearls and pearling industry.

I share some of my photos of the sandstones at Gantheaume Point.

These photos have not been 'touched'.

At sunset.


  1. Oh M these are incredible I would love to see those Dinosaur prints. What a beautiful place to visit. xxoo G

  2. The photos are so very beautiful..Awesome!

  3. Your second picture is a master piece. Congratulations.


  4. Wow what awesome pictures I would love seeing those things in person........