Monday, 20 June 2011

Blooms in Winter!

I have cleaned out most of my old posts, still a little more to do.  Like to start afresh every now and then.

It's amazing how my roses are blooming in our winter.  The only protection they have is a fence behind them.  Never before can I remember them blooming at this time of year.
We have had several frosts as we go towards the shortest day which is the 21 June.

This rose is Nana Mouskouri.

Rose called Pink Iceberg.


  1. Beautiful roses. I love roses, but do not pretend to understand them! Ours bloom whenever they take the notion, be it January or June. And, no matter how much I prune them, it is never enough.

  2. M they are stunning. I love roses it is nice they are blooming into the winter for you a nice gift from mother nature. Take care my friend. G

  3. Thank you to all.
    This week the roses were pruned even though one was blooming.